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Buyer Testimonials

My family and I just recently completed our third transaction at the Mahana within a 12 month period and have been very pleased with high level of professional representation that we have received in working with The Stice Team on every occasion. Their strong communication skills, determined negotiation tactics, high level of personal care, along with their solution oriented and positive attitude has helped us achieve our goals in a timely fashion. In working with them, we have become good personal friends and we would certainly recommend The Stice Team to anyone considering buying or selling at the Mahana.
— Ron and Margie Danz
My wife and I vacationed in Maui for the first time in Dec. 2010. We were so impressed with the beauty, tranquility, and friendliness of the people there, that we were convinced that it was where we wanted to retire.

Considering the current market, and affordability, we knew that we shouldn’t wait until retirement time to buy, as it might be beyond our means when the market gets strong again.

My wife started researching condos on the internet as soon as we returned home. It was our good fortune that the first inquiry she happened to make was to the Stice Team. I could not believe that in less than 10 minutes they responded to her inquiry, in the evening, on a weekend! I was immediately impressed, and told Linda that we were not going to work with anyone but the Stice Team.

This proved to be the right decision, as Tim turned out to be one of the most competent and diligent professionals I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

We returned to Maui in April 2011 to view some properties. Tim was kind enough to pick us up at our resort and drive us to all of the properties we wanted to view. One of the condos we looked at was at Lahaina Shores Beach Resort. After much consideration, we decided to make an offer. Tim basically took over from there.

With very little effort on our part after that (other than typical paperwork) we are now the proud owners of this condominium in Lahaina Shores. We are so thankful that we chose Tim to represent us in this exciting endeavor, as he made everything so easy for us.

We would highly recommend the Stice Team to anyone wishing to buy or sell properties in Maui, as he is a truly motivated, diligent, hard working professional in every aspect.
— Sincerely, Richard Morgan and Linda Fess
Jeremy, I want to thank you for everything that you have done thus far for my wife and I. I am so glad that I viewed your website and eventually contacted you. I have built my entire career on providing timely responses to my clients questions and concerns. You have definitely mastered this art.

I must admit that it’s a bit scary considering the purchase of real estate without being there to view things. You have gone out of your way in answering all of our questions. You have a good contact list of bankers and property managers that you were able to connect me with.

The information that I was able to obtain was exactly what I was looking for. I can’t tell you enough how important the videos were that you sent us. No request or question went unanswered. When my wife was concerned about the direction the condo was facing and what type of sunlight we could expect, you quickly went to the property and sent us a video of the location of the sunrise and sunset. In fact, you took the video from the unit across from the one we were considering to give us a better prospective.

The extra mile that you took in servicing us has meant a lot to us. That extra mile has allowed us to feel 100% confident in our decision to purchase a unit at Honua Kai. Thanks again for everything!!
— Peter and Tracy Konidis
Our experience purchasing at Honua Kai from a distance was a rocky road for sure. After an unsuccessful negotiation attempt, it was clear to us that working with an agent on the inside would be necessary.

While researching through the internet, we came across Tracy’s blogs. We were amazed by the quality and wealth of information provided there. At first, we felt this would certainly be great information to guide us, but when we realized that Tracy had an established track record as a real-estate agent on this property, including managing properties there and even owning a unit, it became obvious he was the agent for us. He responded promptly to our emails and provided ample information throughout the process.

After multiple bids on several different units, we eventually landed a property. The process was difficult and tedious. At times, we were ready to simply walk away. Tracy was extremely professional, courteous, and patient. His soft yet confident demeanor was inspiring and encouraging. Above all, he negotiated with the highest level of ethical standards. It is my firm belief that, without Tracy and his team, we likely would not have closed on a property at Honua Kai.
— Eric Roger M.D. and Joulet Roger R.N.
We found Tim through his blog series and were impressed by his continued dedication to bringing current and relevant information about Honua Kai. So when we started looking for a second home at Honua Kai, we immediately reached out to Tim for his assistance. As we considered various units, he provided great insight and helped manage our expectations. He was instrumental in getting us the unit we wanted and helpful through the entire process. He ensured that our requests were met and put the pressure on when necessary. This was a great comfort since we do not live on Maui. We have worked with other real estate agents on Maui and found Tim and his team to be better in terms of communication, competence, professionalism, and knowledge. We would definitely recommend him to others.
— Kyle and Sue Austin
My wife and I vacationed in Maui for the first time in Dec. 2010. We were so impressed with the beauty, tranquility, and friendliness of the people there, that we were convinced that it was where we wanted to retire.

My wife started researching condos on the internet as soon as we returned home. It was our good fortune, that the first inquiry she happened to make was to the Stice Team.

I could not believe, that in less than 10 minutes they responded to her inquiry, in the evening, on a week-end! I was immediately impressed, and told I Linda that we were not going to work with anyone but the Stice Team.

This proved to be the right decision, as the Stice Team turned out to be one of the most competent and diligent professionals I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

We returned to Maui in April 2011 to view some properties. Tracy was kind enough to pick us up at our resort and drive us to all of the properties we wanted to view. One of the condos we looked at was at Lahaina Shores Beach Resort. After much consideration, we decided to make an offer. Tracy basically took over from there.

With very little effort on our part after that (other than the typical paperwork) we are now the proud owners of this condominium in Lahaina Shores. We are so thankful that we chose the Stice Team to represent us in this exciting endeavor, as he made everything so easy for us.

We would highly recommend the Stice Team to anyone wishing to buy or sell properties in Maui, as he is truly a motivated, diligent, hard working professional in every aspect.
— Sincerely, Richard Morgan and Linda Fess
Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is not bad at all, but after running a successful distribution company for more than 35 years, retirement planning started to come to mind, and after spending multiple vacations over the years on the Hawaiian islands, especially on Maui, it became clear that paradise was only a decision away.

Meeting Tim for the first time, with 5 property showings scheduled, he won the biggest battle with his easy, no pressure, yet professional and at the same time very personal style. Right away, my wife and I felt very comfortable and had trust in him.

The showings went well with us especially impressed with a property and a brand new house just waiting for the finishing touches built by Greg Brown Development. We went back for a second tour meeting up with Greg Brown himself to have a more in-depth look and discussion. The layout was well thought out, craftsmanship, materials, and appliances used are satisfying the highest expectations. We prepared that night an offer for the property and after some additional negotiations the following day, the deal was done with satisfied seller and buyer parties.

We returned to the Mainland with Tim working his magic to get all the different professionals on the same page and to overcome eventual stumbling blocks. He referred us to a local lawyer for some additional peace of mind, which worked out well. We went back to Maui to take possession of the property on the day we targeted. Tim helped us to connect with professionals like Interior designer, landscaper, pool maintenance, security company, etc.

An exceptional dinner on Tim’s tab was a nice conclusion to a successful undertaking. Thanks, Tim – you have been wonderful to work with and we can only highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy and/or sell property on Maui.
— We are looking forward to spend quality time in paradise, Hans + Margit Kopecky
I would like to thank Tracy and Tim Stice for all the work they did in getting us a wonderful home. We had been wanting to purchase a larger home for a few years now, and Tracy and Tim would intermittently show us homes they felt we would be interested in. What we loved about the Stice Team is that we were never pressured or made to feel that we were obligated to move forward on purchasing any of the many homes they showed us over the years. They both supported our decision not to purchase until the right home was located.

A few months ago, the Stice Team called us with the perfect home. We were so excited! We put in our bid, but then found out that we were not selected, as someone else had made a stronger offer. We were disappointed, but we knew that something else would come along, some day. Not even a month later, Tracy called to inform us of another home, similar in size to the one we didn’t get, but for a much lower price. There was another strong offer already on the house, but the Stice Team made themselves available to quickly show us the home, according to our schedule. Time was of the essence, and Tim was very flexible in coordinating his schedule with ours. He was very accommodating, which made it very easy for us to quickly put in our bid. There were multiple snags and roadblocks which Tracy easily worked through. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable and completely open. I loved working with the Stice Team.

In retrospect, everything happened for the best outcome, including not obtaining any of the homes we looked at previously. The Stice Team consists of two men, father and son, who have integrity and great knowledge. They are truly helpful and loving people. It was my honor and pleasure to have them as my real estate agents.
— With Aloha, Michelle Romero Ancheta
My wife and I have been aware of Honua Kai for a couple of years. We were finally able to stay at the property last October and were so impressed that we spoke to the sales representative about purchasing a 1 bedroom unit. She informed us that there was only one left for sale by the developer, and by the time we returned to the mainland, the unit had been sold.

At that point, we basically gave up the idea of ever owning at Honua Kai. I would peruse the real estate listings from time to time hoping to stumble upon a unit that would fall within our budget. This was how I came to find Jeremy. His blog entry in early January told of 4 one bedroom units that had just been listed at Honua Kai that were within our price range. Further research indicated that he was the only Realtor I found who had in depth knowledge of these listings.

It quickly became obvious that Tracy was intimately knowledgeable about Honua Kai. We felt very comfortable with Tracy and his assessment of the market and soon after we put in an offer for one of the units. The offer wasn’t immediately accepted, but Tracy stayed on top of everything until the sellers accepted our offer.

When issues arose with the financing and we felt like giving up, Tracy was always supportive. He insisted that if we weren’t comfortable with any aspect of the deal, he’d back any decision we made. At one point he related some of his life experiences that directly applied to an issue we were struggling with. Jeremy truly had our best interests in mind, and there was never any pressure to continue with the purchase.

The Stice Team embodies a unique blend of market knowledge and awareness combined with a personal touch you’d expect only from close friends. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Jeremy and Tracy Stice for helping us attain our dream vacation home in Maui.
— Craig Kojima owner of Honua Kai Hokulani #728
My family and I have stayed at Honua Kai as vacationers for several years as we absolutely love the resort. The time was right for me to explore ownership at the resort and I began my research online. Everywhere I looked online we found blog articles that Tim Stice had written about Honua Kai, it was very clear that he was the expert on this complex.

We contacted Tim and were impressed with his timely responses that were thorough and candid. We felt that we could trust him and that we would do a good job representing our interests on a developer unit. In addition to providing us with comprehensive information about the resort, Jeremy provided us a with series of videos on units that were were considering. We pursued one of the units and secured a contract on it.

We decided to make another visit to reaffirm our purchasing decision. Tim did a great job of lining up a number of units at Honua Kai that we had considered in addition to the one that we had our contact on it. By the end of it, we decided to pursue a different unit than we originally had under contract.

Tim was thorough, responsive, and supportive of our position as buyers throughout the entire process. We are extremely pleased with our purchasing decision and would highly recommend Jeremy Stice and Hawaii Life Real Estate brokers for anyone looking to buy or sell in Honua Kai. Mahalo Tim!
— Keith Carey
My wife and I retained The Stice Team to assist us with the purchase of a 2nd home in Maui. Tim was easy to work with, very accommodating, and very knowledgeable about Maui real estate. We were torn between two different regions of the Island and he showed us several homes, both new and old, at both ends that were within our price range.

We enjoyed his company and the fresh fruit he provided while touring us around. He not only assisted with the negotiations on securing what we believe was an attractive price, he went above and beyond the call of duty dealing with furniture issues I just could not deal with from Canada. He was delightful to work with and I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone contemplating a real estate sale or purchase in Maui.
— Paul and Colleen McElligott
We are very pleased that we listed and sold our Haiku, Maui home with Hawaii Life Realtors’ Stice family team of Tracy, Jeremy, and Tim. The father-son-nephew team’s combination of integrity, experience, marketing prowess, and sincerity proved to be the winning ticket for a trouble-free and worry-free process beginning with the February 15th listing to the close of escrow on April 8th. An added, yet unexpected bonus, were their helpful recommendations for auxiliary services such as handyman, plumber, electrician, surveyor, and mortgage broker, etc. The best testimonial of our satisfaction with the services of the Stice Team is fact that we are continuing to use them in our search for a new home.
— Lee and Rosemary Aldridge
A huge thank you to Tim and Tracy for the wonderful job you and your team did in handling the sale of our Polynesian Shores condo on the West Side of Maui with giant permit issues plaguing the entire complex. We feel so fortunate to have been watching Hawaii Life on TV and thinking this is the type of real estate operation we need to sell our condo that was in the midst of a condo association meltdown with multiple issues that would make our condo hard to sell.

We did our internet research and found Tim with Hawaii Life to be the man for this difficult mission. Not only did this listing not scare Tim but he was completely confident that he could sell it and also get us a fair price and that he did with flying colors within a few weeks. Nothing scares this guy, he is young and full of energy with many contacts on Maui and on the mainland to put together any type of deal no matter what is standing in his way.

With such great results in selling our Poly Shores Condo we knew we had the right guy to sell our Honui Kai condo even in a pretty slow market. Not only did Tim sell our condo but he sold it for TOP dollar and somehow took a very complex 1031 buyer involving multiple properties and all the inherit issues and got it closed in a timely manner. I have sold many properties in my home state of California along with the two Maui properties and I can honestly say Tim is the best REALTOR I have ever been associated with!!

From start to finish, your professionalism, expertise, and personalized support was unsurpassed. In today’s environment it’s refreshing to conduct business with someone so committed to customer service. Every time Lori or I had a question or concern, you replied promptly with the answers we needed, day or night or even during the weekend. We appreciate how tech-savvy you are and loved being able to review and sign many of the documents electronically.

Tim, we will enthusiastically recommend you to friends or colleagues needing a Maui REALTOR. You just have a way of making customers feel like they’re your most important clients. Thank you once again for handling both our transactions perfectly!
— Warmest Regards, Tim & Lori Connolly
I hired the Stice team to sell my house because I had a positive experience with them as two-time buyer. I’m impressed with their vast knowledge of the properties and people on Maui, their comprehensive market analysis, their communications with me and others regarding my transaction, and above all, their honesty. After hiring them, I got some added perks such as aerial photography. Whether buyer or seller, I’m happy to work with the Stice team.
— Amy Burwen
After 20 years in my four bedroom/four bath home it was time to downsize. My children were young adults and I definitely felt the effects of the empty nest. Once the decision was made, I contacted the Stice team.

The Stice Team certainly did not disappoint. They not only handled the sale of my home but found the perfect new residence for me! They worked tirelessly and relentlessly at both ends of the transaction. They masterfully coordinated the sale and purchase so that I was able to make one smooth move. I cannot express enough superlatives to describe the Stice team throughout the process. He availed himself day and night.

Before listing my home, the Stice Team conducted a thoroughly market research of the area homes in order to establish a fair listing price. They also surveyed the home and pointed out areas of in need of attention. They even provided contacts of professionals who could help with repairs and touch ups. There were a few false starts where potential buyers fell through. The Stice Team was steadfast in their commitment to get the house sold which helped me overcome the disappointment.

The Stice Team also searched endlessly for a new home for me. They listened carefully and knew exactly what I was looking for. They patiently showed me many potential homes. In fact, the home I purchased was my dream home. Personally, I thought it was beyond my means. However, they worked with my loan agent and together showed me the way to make it a reality. I could not be more pleased and feel very blessed every single day.

The Stice Team is professional and effective. I can say with certainty that they are a dream team!
— Mahalo ā nui, With profound gratitude & warmest Aloha, Elaine Nelson (Director of Admissions Seabury Hall )
We met with the Stice Team after our previous listing with a different brokerage firm expired – being on the market over a year. We were impressed with the refreshing and innovative nature of this father/son team, and the plan that they laid out in front of us.

They demonstrated what exactly they were going to do to market the property, how they were going to exclusively promote and protect our interests above all else, and how it was their goal to have the property in escrow by Christmas. We went back home to Omaha in early November shaking our heads and thinking to ourselves that there was no way The Stice Team was going to have our unit in escrow by Christmas.

With this being said, we were extremely pleased with the way that our property was marketed, all of the effort being put forth, and the international exposure that it was receiving. The presentation of the property was as good as we could have possibly asked for utilizing professional photography, videography, and top notch marketing expertise.

They built a custom website for the property ( and created beautiful print marketing that drove enormous traffic to this site. They also built a web page for us that gave us exclusive access to see exactly what was taking place in real time on the property: marketing, showing feedback, open houses, etc.

There was never any doubt on exactly what they were doing. They presented us with 3 different offers and helped us negotiate the price, terms, and conditions of the strongest offer. We are extremely pleased that the Stice Team fulfilled their commitments and we are set to close escrow to an all cash buyer that our agents directly procured as subsequent to their efforts.

We are very satisfied with their professional services, they did exactly what they said they were going to do, and we couldn’t have asked for a better presentation of our property. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in selling their unit at the Mahana.Please feel free to contact us at 402-445-0704 to verify this.
— Jerry and Delores “Duane” Toussaint Mahana #608 Sellers
Dear Tim and Tracy, my wife and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work for the recent sale of our unit in the Villas at Kahana Ridge.

From our first meeting we were impressed with your integrity and honesty and felt that we could trust you. Our experience working with you has truly been a pleasure. We are very satisfied with the efficiency with which you were able to sell our home. Your warm and friendly personality made the entire process easy. You helped make what could have been a stressful situation a smooth and easy transition for us.

We were particularly happy with how you took our personal circumstances into account when guiding us through this process. You took the time to listen to our concerns and gave us professional insight as to how we could reach our objectives. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone in need of a realtor. We couldn’t be happier with the results!
— Sincerely, Keoni and Briana
Dear Tracy and Tim, I wanted to take the time to thank you for selling my house in a timely manner, dealing professionally with all the myriad details, and going way beyond the call of duty in making the sale possible.

That the Stice Team came to the property, and took over yard maintenance,cutting back and clearing, and mowing, helped me tremendously at a time when I was under a lot of strain and could not handle one more detail.

On top of that you offered to help me haul debris, and did so cheerfully and willingly. What a team! And I don’t want to forget Laura, who made a gorgeous floral arrangement and was also available by phone when I needed her help.

The Stice Team is a great team. The experience of selling my home was a very positive one, and I hope I made new friends in the process.

Not only were all of you professional and very competent, but you were also friendly and kind and did what you said you were going to do. Reliable and accessible. I think it’s a bonus to get two for the price of one!

Mahalo for all your efforts~
— Diane Epstein
We can’t say enough about our decision to have The Stice Team handle the recent sale of our Honua Kai condo. Tim’s marketing skills and attention to detail made all the difference in the world when it came to this particular sale. We knew when we accepted the buyers’ offer that the sale had the potential of being a long and protracted process due to a convoluted 1031 trade that the buyers were requesting.

Throughout the long escrow period, Tim was right there on top of the issues as they cropped up. I’m sure that without his help, knowledge, and expertise, the deal would definitely have fallen apart somewhere along the way. I highly recommend Jeremy and the entire Stice Team if you are buying or selling your Maui property. Job well done!
— Curt and Colleen Brown
I chose to list my Honua Kai unit with Jeremy Stice and Hawaii Life because of their effective and consistent marketing presence at the resort. After consulting with Jeremy it was clear that he was very knowledgeable and passionate about Honua Kai. Through his efforts, he brought us two cash offers and was able to use his negotiation skills to get us top dollar, strong terms, and a short closing. He has strong communication skills and made the selling process a good experience for me. I would certainly recommend Jeremy and Hawaii Life to list and sell your Honua Kai condo.
— Kelly McMurray
This last year my husband and I decided to sell our vacation rental in the beautiful Honua Kai Resort and Spa, Maui. After doing research and viewing multiple listings online, Tracy was the obvious choice as our listing agent. His knowledge and expertise of our particular complex, the area, and the island were very apparent in the wonderful blogs he had created for each listing.

One phone call and the exchange of a little bit of information and Tracy wasted no time designing and posting a new blog specific to our unit with fantastic photos, the floor plan, video of the resort and unit, information about the amenities available at the resort and our rental income revenue. We were very impressed and thanks to his efficient marketing and negotiating skills we went under contract in just a few weeks.

Given that I was 6 months pregnant, I was concerned about the stress of the selling process with our unit still being rented. Tracy made arrangements with the rental agency and the front desk to get in to perform the necessary viewings and inspections etc. between bookings and we were able to continue generating income during the entire process. Even when events beyond our control arose that threatened our closing, he maintained his professionalism and called me immediately to reassure that it was just a hiccup and would only delay closing by a few days.

We feel very fortunate to have found Tracy and the Stice team and feel if it weren’t for his diligence, communication skills, and general understanding of the complex itself we wouldn’t have been able to complete the entire process in just 4 months. In doing so, we were able to close just in time to fund the purchase of our new primary residence on the mainland, thank you Tracy!
— Amy Anderson Luciene, Hokulani #220 Seller
Thanks to Tim Stice, we just closed on our dream vacation condo at Honua Kai Resort in West Maui. We are a semi-retired couple from Montana, and we were looking for a retreat to escape Montana’s long cold and sometimes brutal winters.

We cannot possibly say enough positive things about Tim and our buying experience. We kindled our relationship with Tim online three months before our buying adventure to Maui. By the time we arrived in Hawaii to actually start looking, we had refined our priorities to match our budget, and we had electronically screened more than 100 properties. During our visit to the island we made reservations to stay in several different locations and in several different types of properties, ranging from town homes to high rises.

We gave Tim a seemingly impossible task of finding an affordable beachfront property with just the right amenities to meet our active lifestyle. Tim far exceeded our expectations, and he was able to assemble a team of professionals who helped us complete the process after we returned to Montana.

We not only realized our lifelong dream of having a second home in Hawaii; we also found a fantastic place to invest our life savings that will likely provide us with modest cash flow as a vacation rental when we’re not there. We couldn’t be happier about our experience, and besides finding the most hard-working, trustworthy, tech-davy and enthusiastic realtor on the island, we have also found a new friend.
— Cheryl M. Reichert, M.D., Ph.D., Great Falls Montana
Our family highly recommends the Stice Team for any and all Maui real estate needs. The Stice team worked with us for over a year to find our family a home. There were bumps along the road but the Stice Team handled them all with professionalism.
— Khara Covington and Shane Ripley