When is the Best Time to Fly to Maui For Whale Watching?

How the time has flown by and it almost whale season again. Since whale season is also the high-busy season, if you have not already bought your tickets to Maui, you need to check out the airfare sales.  

Great Hawaii Airline Deals if Booked Enough in Advance

My friends just called to tell me they just booked airfare from California to Maui for $149 each way (in October 2012) – for February 2013 travel. Wow, I could hardly believe it, so I went online to check and sure enough I found some dates at $148.20 and some around the low $200′s each way. So if you have been thinking about it, check out the airlines quickly.

Booking a flight for Maui from California can be affordable if done enough in advance

When Does Whale Season Start For Maui?

Now answering the question, “Are the whales here on Maui yet?”, can you believe that a tour boat reported seeing a whale off the Island of Hawaii already this year? I like to go talk to the boat captains at the Kihei boat ramp…and guess what? I talked to one of the Blue Water Rafting company boat guys and they say they saw a whale off of Maui just last week (early October).

The Blue Water Rafting company goes on the south side of Maui, past Wailea and Makena into the Alenuihaha Channel. (That is the channel between the big island of Hawaii and Maui.) It can be a rough water experience, so most of the boats do not go that direction.

So, yes, the whales are here, just not very visible yet. I know that many people are here in the winter just so they can escape the cold weather from where they live, but many come to see the whales. I love watching the whales, never tire of it. People always ask me, “when are whales here?” The whales normally start arriving in the late fall, and are here in full force in January and February. So start planning and do not miss the whales.

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