Building Your North Shore Oasis - Why 425 Manawai is a Great Option

The North Shore of Maui is one of the rawest and exposed stretches of land in the world. The trades cross 2,500 miles of open ocean and carry along with it all different types of weather.

Building Your North Shore Oasis - Why 425 Manawai is a Great Option

How to Get Started on Maui's North Shore

The North Shore of Maui is one of the rawest and exposed stretches of land in the world. The trades cross 2,500 miles of open ocean and carry along with it all different types of weather. This is what makes it so beautiful and unique, watching the weather and water is an endless affair. With this environment, it's important to know what the best practices are for starting your oasis. In this article, I want to use one of our listings as a platform, the owners of 425 Manawai truly understand what works when designing a coastal estate.


Being close to the ocean is a dream of just about everyone, but too close and you better be ready for maintenance. Salt spray and wind can really take it to the materials on your house. This is the reason for one of my favorite aspects of 425, it has ocean front views, but it's one lot back and has excellent wind blocks. You literally look right down the valley to the ocean.

Protected from extreme trades by Uaoa Bay and the downhill lots in front

View from the back lanai

Anything on the mountain side of Hana Highway (mauka) receives a bit more rain than lots ocean side of the Hana Highway (makai). Obviously, you don't have rain clouds stop once they hit the highway, but I live up the hill about a mile from 425 Manawai and we get 85 inches annually compared to 425's 61 inches (lcheck out University of Hawaii Rain Atlas). Access to the highway is also a large concern of North Shore residents, Manawai is fully paved from top to bottom and 425 is at the very end on a cul de sac. Manawai is one of the most pristine and maintained streets you can find in Haiku, and it's only 25 minutes from the airport!

The Lot

425 Manawai is 4.95 acres situated at the top of a valley, the lot gently slopes from south to north making sure there is no standing water for mosquito breeding. As I mentioned, the lot is at the end of the road, on a cul de sac, on the uphill side, this is a huge advantage when it comes to exposure and views. On the windward side of the lot, the owners have plated ironwood and coconut trees as a wind block.

Aerial view of the lot, the driveway runs north to south

A must-have for many owners is the protection of views. Per Maui County code, you cannot build taller than 30ft in agricultural districts, this is where the uphill benefit comes into play, 425 looks over the lots in front of it and down the valley to the side.

View from the yard - the structure pictured is the cottage on the lot


I always tell clients who are building to start with the cottage; this way you can build at a lower cost and feel out the area and the land. 425 Manawai placed the cottage on the northeast portion of the lot, leaving an excellent view corridor for the future building site of the main home. For agricultural lots on Maui, you can build a 1,000 sq. ft. cottage on lots that are larger than 2 acres.

1,000 sq.ft. cottage on the NE portion of the lot

Additionally, they placed the pool cabana and 3 car garage behind the building site for the main dwelling and the cottage.

View of the garage and pool cabana

Pool cabana interior with kitchenette/wet bar

Another huge benefit of 425 Manawai is the well. Being close to the ocean means lower elevation, which translates to a less expensive drill depth. Most water meters (usual source of water for developed lots) are 5/8 in and have a maximum fixture count of 31 fixtures, this includes hose spigots. As you can imagine 31 fixtures goes quickly when you have a garage, pool cabana, cottage and main home. Having a well means you do not have the restrictions of fixture counts from the county and your possibilities are much broader. Wastewater is also different on the North Shore. Cesspools are no longer allowed to be installed, leaving septics as the main option. You can either install two separate septic systems, one for the cottage and one for the main dwelling or you can install one larger (5 bedrooms) for both. 425 has a 5 bedroom septic making it perfect for the build out on a main dwelling.

Materials and Features of 425 Manawai

  • Hardie Plank concrete siding, great for standing up to salt, water, and wind
  • Concrete tile roof, again great durability
  • Aluminum powder coated railing
  • Composite decking
  • Extended eaves
  • Tongue and groove ceiling, great support for the tile roof
  • Gated entrance
  • Cork flooring
  • Granite counters

You can start from square one, or you can start with a beautiful estate that is ready for your touch. Give us a call and we can discuss how 425 Manawai is the right choice for your North Shore oasis.

The sellers are also willing to entertain partial seller financing, call for details.

Tim Stice 808.268.8511

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New Listing on the "Dry Side" of the Rainbow in Haiku, Maui

As with all Maui real estate, prime location is extremely important and even more so as you move to the windward side of Maui. Rainfall has a huge amount of variation over each mile and foot of elevation.  The amount of rainfall in the general Haiku area varies from 40 inches annually at the edge of Maliko Bay at my farm at 10 feet above sea level (Maliko Farm Blog) to almost 160 inches at the end of Awalau Rd. above Hanzawa’s Store. As you move from sea level, and move East, and rise up in to Haiku, you get progressively more rainfall.

177 Laenani - Prime Location on Maui's North Shore in Haiku

Just recently, our team listed 177 Laenani in Haiku (MLS# 359649) for $1.3M, with the perfect location for both access to Makawao, Haiku, Hookipa Beach Park, and quick access to Central Maui. 177 Laenani gets 67 inches of rain annually by using the rainfall tool near the end of this post.

177Laenani Photo

This property, which has two homes, is fenced for horses with two barns. The property has a variety of fruit trees and flowers, and best of all, you get enough rain that you don’t have to irrigate. Located just one lot from Maliko Gulch, this is about as far west as you can get in Haiku. At an elevation of 1,000 feet, it catches the cool trade winds that wrap around Giggle Hill, the 4th Marine Park, and the Tom Morrow Equestrian Center across Kokomo Rd.

177 Laenani Interior

177 Laenani main home interior living/dining area

177 Laenani is zoned agricultural and is located a few lots away from the Tom Morrow Equestrian center, which is public. If you want horses and animals, this is a great place to be. The entire property is fully fenced, which provides peace of mind for children and animals to roam and explore the 2 acre grounds of the property.

4th Marine Park

4th Marine Division "Giggle Hill" Park located right across the street from 177 Laenani

If you and your family are looking for a property with homes that are well separated, each with its own driveway and yard area, yet still close enough to walk over to “talk story" at the corral or share a barbecue, then you may want to look a little further at 177 Laenani.

The Stice Team just recently closed one of our listings for 100% of the asking price in this same area: Sustainable Haiku home with photovoltaic system sold at 100% of asking price.

Located on the "Dry Side" of Haiku

Recently, I found an incredible tool for tracking rainfall in Hawaii. It is from the University of Hawaii and it is a rainfall map tied to GIS coordinates. Look at this link, play with it for awhile, and you will see what I mean about the “Dry Side" of Haiku, which is truly an oxymoron.

Rainfall Screen Shot

Be sure to check out this very cool and informative, interactive Hawaii Rainfall Map. Please reach out to me for more details on this property and why I live and love my North Shore Maui Life.

Aloha from the listing broker,

Tracy Stice R(B)