Jaws Surf Spot – A Spectator’s View

Have you heard about the famous surfing spot “Jaws?” It just happens to be in Maui and is known around the world due to the frequent filming of famous surfing legends. It is a surf spot where tow-in surfing is about the only way to get a ride on these large ferocious waves. These waves generally will only gain the swells required to produce the grand waves during the winter months (December

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– February).

Jaws Maui 1/4/2012

It is not very often that the ocean where Jaws is located will even have breaking waves, the swell will need to get to 15 feet or so and larger to become the famous wave forming Jaws. Then, look out, Mother Nature will release a whole new ocean to look at and sometimes it may not last more than one day.

We got our opportunity and decided to see for ourselves what it really is like to watch live because seeing it on a TV is pretty awesome, but we knew it would be better in person. If you watch any channel with Hawaii news listen for any big surf reports, or just google “Jaws Maui” to get up-to-date surf reports.

Viewing Jaws as a Spectator

First, you must get to the famous surf spot, which was flooded with hundreds of other people who also wanted to view this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity. You stand perched on a high cliff 50-100 feet above the ocean. We could not believe the size of the waves and the power they possessed. The roar of the ocean was incredible while the wind was blowing back the wave’s crest creating a rainbow of mist.

Watching the surfers from as far away as the spectators were was like looking at ants on a mountain. Good thing there were also windsurfers, with the 10 foot or so high sail, you were able to get a good perspective of the size of the waves. The incredible scene of surfers, windsurfers, jet skis, support boats, and helicopters was such fun to watch. It was almost like watching a well rehearsed show.

The jet ski drivers must have a very resolute quality about them; they tow the surfer right into the wave and sometimes ride right on the top of the ridge, staying just out of the breaking wave, waiting to pick up their surfer again. What an E-ticket ride of their own!

After a great day enjoying what Maui has to offer, it was time to go home and send off the pictures to some of our friends who have not ever had the chance to see Jaws in action for themselves.

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