Do All the Hawaiian Islands Offer the Same Lifestyle?

Are all the Hawaiian islands the same? I would definitely tell you that they aren’t. A few days ago, some agents from Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers Wailea (Maui) and myself came back from a great seminar that took place at the Sheraton Waikiki, a beachfront hotel on Oahu.

Sheraton Waikiki

Sheraton Waikiki on the beach, Oahu (Hawaii)

The “Agent Reboot” seminar was organized by Inman News, a leader in the real estate industry, and if you are in the real estate business, I highly suggest that you attend this affordable seminar when they hold it in your area. It was full of interesting information about all the technologies we should use in our profession…if we don’t yet do so. We can’t promise though that the seminar will be held in a location that will be as appealing as any of these luxurious hotels of Waikiki…

Diamond Head seen from the Sheraton Waikiki lounge

No…this is not a postcard…this is the view we enjoyed during the breaks. On that day, the weather was perfect, the ocean was calm, and surfers were countless on Waikiki Beach. Tourists were mainly from Japan, mentally recovering from what they went through last March in their country.

Coming from Maui, my head was spinning around while walking through the humongous luxury shopping malls. Brands like Luis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bally, or even a Ferrari Store, just to name a few, were packed with visitors.

The Ferrari Store along Alakaua avenue in Honolulu—Hawaii

The traffic in Honolulu and Waikiki is like any large city on the mainland, combined with the way drivers constantly honk the horn in Asia. The main roads leading to Waikiki are boarded by very tall buildings with condos of all sizes, sometimes 30+ stories with or without ocean view, yet within a few minutes walk or drive, you are always drawn back to the tropical feeling unique to Hawaii with the blue Pacific in the distance connecting people, earth, and sea…

The Waikiki Trump Tower in the distance

The Waikiki Trump Tower in the distance

Back home to Maui after only a 3 days visit, I realized that the tallest building in South Maui is only 6-stories tall, that they are a little bit taller on the West Side, but definitely not more than 15-stories, our streets only have 2 lanes, nobody is honking when driving, the few malls we have in Kahului or in Lahaina are only 2-story, we don’t have parking meters in Wailea, and that the pace of life on Maui is totally different from Oahu, but in any case, both places have their pros and cons. 

Depending on the lifestyle you are looking for, I am convinced there is a place somewhere in Hawaii that has your name on it. Give me a call at 808.280.8167, so we can more extensively talk about the lifestyle you want to live here in Hawaii, and where to find it, as during my 15 years lifetime experience on Maui, I’ve visited all the islands of the archipelago and for different reasons…I love them all.

A hui ho!

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